MASKiT Pack of 4 Reusable Washable Aussie Flag Mask with PM2.5 Filters

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Stay safe and look chic.

MASKiT is the best value fashion face mask in Australia! Not only are our masks ON TREND but super comfortable too, with adjustable straps to guarantee they stay in place. Being reusable, they are the perfect alternative to disposable masks which end up in landfill.

Each mask includes 3 x PM2.5 mask filters that should be changed each month or after 60 hours of use, whichever is sooner.

Every mask is designed to fit over the nose and under the chin and comes in a resealable zip lock bag for protection against germs and to help keep you safe. Our masks offer 5 layers of protection, whilst remaining breathable.


We’re living in a new normal where face coverings are becoming a part of our every day lives. There are so many good reasons - both practical and fun - to sport a face covering.